About Hope

Hope Suhr The Medicare Lady

BIO: Hope Suhr

Hope is married to Daniel Suhr and has 2 boys.

2016 She started expanding her vision into the Insurance Industry.

 I am fully licensed in the state of California (lic:0L82681) and have access to the best insurance providers in the country. Contact me for a FREE consultation, and together, we can protect your business and family and your assets.

I am not just an experienced and licensed insurance agent, I've also experienced Health insurance and financial professional our plan is to help you plan for your financially independent future!

Hope started her journey in an entrepreneurial family. Her father found his niche in insurance and made his fortune there. Early years were spent raising her two boys and helping her husband run a recycling company. As the boys struck out on their own, Hope did the same and landed a job as a manufacturing consultant where she established a vast amount of long lasting relationships through out the IE business community In 2010 Hope founded Hope’s Chest, a woman’s clothing boutique specializing in personalized bra fitting with the tag line of “85% of women are in the wrong sized bra”. Her concept proved popular. Additionally she was able to partner with LLUMC breast cancer and reconstructive specialists to fit breast cancer survivors . Hope’s Chest has been featured in North County Times and The California Business Scene Magazine to name a few and was voted Inland Empires Best Lingerie Boutique. In 2013 Hope received the SBA Women in Business Champion of the Year Award. Today Hope has returned to her family roots of ... Ins financial planning and .... She loves to snow ski, travel and cook and entertain for her family and friends

Hope is a serial entrepreneur, she is creative and a visionary. 

She has won several awards